Let’s be honest: Panipuri is amazing.

The one and only awesome refreshing snack loved by the length and breadth of India.

Let’s be honest: Panipuri is amazing.

At pan-e-puri, we decided to take your love to the next level. We designed the World’s first automated pani puri vending machines that bounce out crisp, round, hot & hygienic pani puris. Made with the freshest ingredients for awesome taste, our pani puri’s taste is uniquelydifferent.

Pan-e-puri machine automatically adds a tinge of masala water, chick peas and fresh cut onions to the mix, preparing the tastiest pani puri’s ever made inthe whole wide world.

Oh, wait! You need a new flavor or a different mix? You got it. Pan-e-puri dishes out 2 different flavors and the variety will only continue to grow.

The pan-e-puri machine lets you savor the natural taste of pani puri with 100% hygiene control. No sweaty palms and hygiene worries anymore with our super vending machine,pan-e-puri. With a delightful taste, we bet you’re in for a pan-e-puri treat!

How does it work

The one and only electronically prepared pani puri is now available commercially. Hygiene and cleanliness is given paramount importance in the preparation of pani puri. Hands are not used anywhere in the preparation of the mouth water pani puris, instead all the process of preparation of the pani puri is conducted under strict hygienic conditions.

The Puri

We use the freshest dough sourced from the most reputed distributors. The puri is baked and not fried.

The flavours

You can choose from a range of flavors offered by our automated machine. Spicy, Sweet or Sweet and Spicy

Fresh Veggies

Fresh veggies are replaced in the pan-e-puri machine at regular intervals.

Mix ‘em all up and you have prepared your pani puri in seconds in the most hygienic of ways.