Let our machines earn money for you!

The sweet, tangy, and spicy taste of pani puris bring back a flood of memories - that evening your father took you out for a walk after he came home exhausted from work and treated you to a plate of pani puri; the day your group of friends decided to bunk college and fill up on roadside food, especially pani puri; your evening hunger pang extinguisher!

You can now have your own automated pani puri machine!

Own a Pan-E-Puri outlet

Low Investment

Owning a Pan-E-Puri franchise requires minimal investment on your part. All you have to do is make a one-time investment and provide a place for installing the machine!

Zero maintenance costs

The maintenance of the machine is on us! Our qualified experts will clean it, refill the stock, and make sure it is working seamlessly at no extra cost!

Steady returns

The machine accepts e-payments that are deposited in our account. Every week, we will pay you from the revenue generated from the sales.

What will you need?

You just need to make a one-time investment of Rs.150,000 and provide for a place to keep the machine, and we'll take care of the rest!

Become a Franchisee

What is a Franchisee?

A Franchisee gets exclusive rights to sell or open multiple franchise units in a fairly large geographical area. The area will include some locations in the city agreed upon.

Minimum Investment

With Pan-E-Puri, you can become a Franchisee with minimum investment on your part. You'll enjoy handsome returns with minimal risk as we take care of most overheads.

Easy to Begin

You won't need any technical knowledge and there's practically no training involved. The setup is easy and all you'll need is a place to set the machine up!

High Demand

Pani puri has remained, throughout generations, one of the most preferred snack (or roadside food). The high demand will easily generate a revenue stream that'll make you proud!

Generate Additional Revenue

In addition to getting royalties on the sales of pani puri, you, as a Franchisee, can earn revenue by opening multiple outlets and advertisements!

You can avail of the following options for franchise.

Single Unit

A single-unit franchise owner will be able to own and operate a single machine provided he/she has the space to install the machine. If you wish to own more than one unit, please check out our other franchise options.
As a Master Franchisee, you will be able to avail of various options.

Multi Unit

As a multi-unit Franchisee, you will be able to own and operate more than one Pan-E-Puri machine. You will be able to open up a specific number of outlets in a certain period of time, whilst having the managerial capability to develop these outlets.

Area Development

Similar to being a multi-unit Franchisee, as an area developer, you'll have the right to develop a certain number of Pan-E-Puri locations in a certain period of time. However, your outlets will be limited to a defined area agreed upon earlier.